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AidLearn, created in December 2003, resulted from the union of professionals with diversified experience in the fields of Management, Economics, Human Resources Management and Social Psychology.

It is a Training, Research-Action and Consulting company, which operates at national level and the European Union, dedicated to the design, implementation and evaluation of studies, projects and training activities that promote individual and / or organisational development.

AidLearn main intervention areas are related with: diagnosis of learning needs; conception, delivering and evaluating learning tools, interventions and courses, including face to face and blended ones; as well as conceiving, executing and evaluating projects and research studies in the following fields: Entrepreneurship sciences, training of trainers and teachers; ICT; health and safety; social services; environment, tourism and sustainability, multiculturalism, social inclusion and active citizenship.

AidLearn is a VET provider certified by DGERT (Directorate-General for Employment and Labour Relations) in various areas of education and training and the training work developed follows strictly the standards of quality required by that institute.
Offers VET courses in (1) various areas of education and training, namely: training of trainers and educational sciences; audio-visual and media production; management sciences: trade; marketing and advertising; computer sciences; food industries; social services; safety and hygiene at work; environment and tourism (2) different modules: face to face; distance; blended; training-action and project.

AidLearn has extensive experience in design and development of studies and projects, often with a research-action perspective, geared towards innovation in education/training systems, able to promote organisational learning and diversification of the training offer. AidLearn has assumed the role of both promoter / coordinator and partner, nationally and internationally.

Through this activity in European collaborative networks, AidLearn has been developing intervention methods, diagnostic tools, evaluation referential, educational resources, learning platforms and innovative products for renovation / enlargement of its national practice.

Its employees possess excellent skills and competencies: language, management, leadership, organisational, teamwork, communication, evaluation and research skills - necessary for coordination and work in multicultural and multifunctional teams.


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