LUISS is one of the top Italian Universities in the field of Social Science. Through 4 departments (Business and Management, Economics and Finance, Political Science and Law) and 4 Schools (School of European Political Economy, LUISS Business School, School of Government, and School of Law), LUISS has developed innovative and international educational approach with the aim to train students from all backgrounds and around the world to be critical thinkers and skilled professionals who work for the betterment of society.

LUISS academic offer in English includes Bachelor’s Degrees – Economics & Business, Politics and Economics – and several Master’s Degrees – Management, Marketing, Economics, Finance, International Relations, Public Policies. LUISS has been recognized for its excellence both at international and national level: in October 2015, LUISS Business School and the Department of Business and Management have received the EQUIS accreditation, achieved by only 1% of business schools globally. In January 2017, LUISS was ranked first in the Sole 24 Ore ranking of Italian private universities.

Thanks to agreements with more than 150 renowned foreign universities, LUISS welcomes students from all over the world. Through its affiliation with Confindustria, the Confederation of Italian Industry, LUISS holds a privileged position in the working environment with cooperation with over 200 public, private, and multinational corporations. LUISS vision is to strengthen its international recognition by demonstrating excellent research results, internationally recognised graduates and fruitful cooperation with the corporate sector as well as society at large, notably the LUISS socio-economic and professional environments.

As for the business-strategic services offered, these consultancy services include advice from LUISS researchers and business-related analyses. LUISS assists private and public sector organisations in equipping themselves to meet current challenges. In 2012, LUISS founded a company designed to contain start-up and spin-off companies as well as projects, called LUISS Enlabs, offering consulting and commercial services to other research institutions that need proof-of-concept assistance and/or strategic advice on the maturing and development of generic business concepts.

LUISS organizes several training initiatives and research activities on environmental responsibility and resources management. The university can provide a fundamental contribution to the Sustain-T project in these fields and can transfer managerial tools and techniques that are suited for the tourism sector. LUISS can open new opportunities to tourism entrepreneurs to achieve the competencies, needed to combine business aims - i.e. profit maximization - with a strong social aim of making a positive impact on the environment and the community. LUISS has carried out many training and consulting projects especially on tourism sustainability. One of such projects is: Green Tourism Education: Innovative way to Develop Rural Areas - 2016-1-HU01-KA202-022999.

LUISS has deep understanding of SMEs’ business structure, strategies, models and need. As an affiliated partner of Confindustria, the University will play an essential role in reaching the Sustain-T target audience and assuring that the project has significant impact at national level. Thanks to its academic and institutional nature, LUISS enjoys a bird-eye view on the performance of SMEs both in the national and international tourism sector. The need of a vocational training comes out from knowledge of the resistance to change of micro and small enterprises often managed by only the personal knowledge and intuition of entrepreneurs.


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