Total Innovation EU Ltd (TIEL) is a digital development agency specialising on the design and development of eLearning and online communication systems. The company was formed in 2008 and has worked on a number of online applications ranging from small scale website to large scale eLearning platforms and company intranets, and online training systems. TIEL currently has a team of 12 people, whose skills include, design, web development, database development, eLearning, user interface design and system testing. In recent years TIEL has focused development on user driven systems such as e-learning platforms, Self-diagnostic test and social sharing environments.

Over 250 websites have been delivered since launch and on average one e-learning platform or bespoke software development system is developed every two months. The company is based in the city of Plymouth in the South West of England. Plymouth is known as a creative hub for high level digital agencies servicing major cities, for example, London remotely.  In 2016 TIEL developed an e-learning platform for the InnoSpark project. It included a self-diagnostic tool to test the creativity of ICT workers. The tool used 20 question screens to analyse 15 unique skills.

TIEL is focused on sustainable development and believes that the internet is a key tool in connecting people and promoting skills wherever they are located in the world.

Managing Director Jeremy Yelland has over 18 years of web development experience and in 2005 was nominated for an HP Innovation award.

One of the key strengths of the company is the attention to details and the professional user interface design that allows intuitive use of advanced database systems, allowing detailed information to be gathered for target groups, simply, efficiently and professionally. The company has a ‘can do’ attitude and has never failed to deliver on any project.

TIEL has extensive knowledge of software development both online and offline. The company regularly runs training events to improve the CPD of other developers.


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